Women Health And Wellness Glen Burnie, MD

When it comes to your personal health care needs, you need a qualified gynecologist you can rely on. At Dr. Myrna M. Ortega MD & Dr. Renato O. Flores MD, we are here for you. It is our mission to provide exceptional health care through every stage of a woman’s life. From fertility and child care support to pap smear testing and more, we are able to support every aspect of women’s health and wellness. We are focused exclusively on women’s health and wellness, and our office has many treatments and services available for you. We are test for a wide range of vaginal issues with our pap smear exams, perform GYN laparoscopy surgeries, and aid with your issues with fertility. From providing birth control to monitoring your baby’s development during pregnancy, our team of expert ob-gyns will give you the quality medical assistance and guidance you deserve.