Pap Smear

The earlier you detect cancer, the better. When cancer is caught during the beginning stages, it is easier to treat and eliminate from the body. Cancer affects millions of people worldwide each year, and many cases can be prevented if it is found out during the early stages. This is why it’s so important to get a yearly pap smear exam. If it’s time for another checkup, visit the gynecologist office of Dr. Myrna M. Ortega MD & Dr. Renato O. Flores MD today! What is a pap smear? This is a screening test done to detect cervical cancer. During this procedure, cells on the cervix are gently scraped off and are examined in a lab to see if there are any abnormal growths. If you get a yearly exam, your doctors are able to diagnose and treat cervical cancer early on, which increases your chances of getting rid of it. Stay on top of your reproductive health by calling us to schedule an appointment!